Baby Body soap offers moisturizing, rich lather, and gentle cleansing functions with its 100% extra virgin olive oil. Produced with pure olive oil from the Edremit region, Baby Body soap prepares baby for a peaceful sleep thanks to its relaxing aroma and mild ingredients. For baby body, it is particularly important to use a very mild soap. Baby Body Soap with totally natural ingredients cleans the sensitive skin of baby very gently and prevents the skin from drying out by maintaining the natural moisture balance. Its formula contains no colouring additives, alcohol, chemical foaming or hardening agents, animal fat or its derivatives. Consistent with the pH levels of baby skin and hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested. With special handmade soap design together with handmade natural rope inside, Baby Body soap offers hygienic  easy soap use  for baby body.


Net Weight : 100 gr.
Unit / Cases : 36
Case Weight : 3.6 kg.
Cases in one pallet : 96
One pallet kg : 345.6 kg.