In honour of long-lasting youthfulness, Olivos SPA Aloe Vera soap is willing to fight aging. Olivos SPA series have been formulated by using 100% extra virgin olive oil and the unique minerals to give you the best SPA experience at home. Enriched with special herb extracts and olive oil, Olivos SPA Aloe Vera soap gently but effectively cleanses your skin while helping to restore the skin’s natural and very beautiful state by leaving the skin totally refreshed. The therapeutic Olivos SPA Aloe Vera soap gives rich hydration to the skin. Olivos SPA Aloe Vera soap cures and treats many skin problems such as psoriasis reduces the redness, inflammation and pain. It soothes skin irritations. For many years, Aloe Vera is used for medical treatment and beauty purposes. Aloe Vera helps to increase circulation in blood vessels in the skin, as well as killing bacteria and moisturizing the skin. Made with all natural ingredients, Aloe Vera enhances natural cell renewal perfectly. Aloe Vera soap can be used for aftershave treatment as its healing properties can treat small cuts caused by shaving. It can be used on body, face, and hair.


Net Weight : 250 gr.
Unit / Cases : 18
Case Weight : 4.5 kg.
Cases in one pallet : 90
One pallet kg : 405 kg.