Elegancy is our specialty. Elegance series Turkish Jasmine soap offers a floral concept with wild jasmine fragrance.  Cleanses the skin thoroughly, moistures the body, face, and hair. Pamper your senses and your skin with the exotic aroma of Turkish Jasmine soap. Jasmine increases elasticity and helps maintain moisture on skin. Manufactured with 100% extra virgin olive oil with natural jasmine flower, Elegance Turkish Jasmine soap will clean, moisturize and protect your skin firmly. Jasmine elevates feelings of happiness & contentment, reduces appearance of scars and wrinkles. Feel the joy of Turkish Jasmine soap in every bath you take. Turkish Jasmine helps to leave the skin smooth, acne free and revitalized gently. Turkish Jasmine soap is useful in formulations for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin thanks to its healing properties. Turkish Jasmine soap helps tp build a new, fresh skin with its nice aroma while improving elasticity of the skin.



Net Weight : 250 gr.
Unit / Cases : 36
Case Weight : 9 kg.
Cases in one pallet : 50
One pallet kg : 450 kg.