Olivos calls for adventurous bath journeys with floral Secret Garden series.  Country gardens and flowers inspire Secret Garden soaps. Secret Garden surveys the wonders of the natural habitat, ready to be explored. Secret Garden offers 100% natural beauty from the amazing gardens. Olivos is proud to offer you gift of nature, 100% pure olive oil, as one of its best to treat your skin and nourish it at its best. Secret Garden Olive Oil soap is source of vitamin due to the rich content of olive oil with A, E, D and K vitamins. It smoothes the skin gently, gives volume and shine to your to the hair. Good for the dark spots and blemishes on the skin. Used in cellulite treatment. Effiecient in eczema, itching and fungal infection treatments. For ages, olive oil is well known for its skin softening properties. Secret Garden Olive Oil soap removes dirt, impurities, and restores the natural balance of the skin smoothly. Feel the joy of fresh gardens with olive trees surrounding you in every bath you take.


Net Weight : 250 gr.
Unit / Cases : 36
Case Weight : 9 kg.
Cases in one pallet : 50
One pallet kg : 450 kg.