Edremith Bath Set offers you practical bath solution for any occasion. Bath accessories help you to enhance your bath rituals in many ways. Edremith Bath set is packed with special evil eye amulet and is uniquely designed for this motivation together with olive oil soap, silk bath glove, and natural loofah, it offers the best and easy bath experience.  Along with the round olive oil soap, it peels and eliminates dead skin cells, black spots, and acne. Sold in a special round box as complete bath set, Edremith Bath set contains silk scrub mitt, natural loofah and 100% extra virgin olive oil soap. Edremith Bath set is especially designed to give insights of classical Turkish bath culture. Edremith Bath set is very exquisite bath set made with 100% extra virgin olive oil which purifies your whole body, face, and hair with luxurious & cultural touches.


Net Weight : 100 gr.
Unit / Cases : 8
Case Weight : 0.80 kg.
Cases in one pallet : 84
One pallet kg : 67.20 kg.